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Additional information:

You can acquire this codex after defeating HK-47 within the False Emperor flashpoint on hard mode.

We would like to thank to Matmu for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

This HK-series assassin droid achieved infamy just before the Jedi Civil War. Although outwardly resembling a Systech Corporation unit, he was actually built by Darth Revan as a method of silencing political opponents. HK-47 has had many masters besides Revan, as well–corporate figures, crime lords, Hutts and Mandalorians–who have tried to harness his assassination protocols, usually with disastrous results.Three centuries ago, after being found and repaired by the Jedi Exile, HK-47 helped defeat the Sith Triumvirate. After the fighting ended, he was kept in trust by the re-formed Jedi Order, much to his dismay; with the galaxy still in turmoil, the Jedi were concerned that HK-47 would start “helpfully” removing troublesome individuals. Then, during routine maintenance, an engineer accidentally activated an unknown command in HK-47’s systems. Soon after, the droid disappeared from Jedi custody and left for deep space.The Jedi’s records claim that HK-47 has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since his creation. Darth Malgus’s agents are said to have recently recovered HK-47’s components from a mysterious facility built into an asteroid. Now reassembled and upgraded, HK-47 has become one of Darth Malgus’s most formidable weapons.

key facts
Level: 50
Planet: Unknown Planet