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X: 566, Y: 290

Additional information:

You will receive this codex by killing feral harvorisk in the pool at loc 566, 290.

We would like to thank dak for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The second of two species discovered by Jarn Harvus on Nim Drovis, the harvorisk is actually no relation to the similarly named harvap. Shortly after its discovery, the harvorisk was coveted by Hutts across the galaxy, who considered it alternately an exotic new pet and a tasty meal. But its rapid rate of breeding and vicious, untrainable personality quickly led to the Hutts’ becoming disenchanted with their new pets, causing the release of many harvorisks into the wild. On Quesh, it was the Three Families who brought harvorisks to the planet and genetically modified the creatures so they might survive in the toxic atmosphere–albeit at a cost of half their lifespan. The Hutts refuse to accept responsibility for the creatures’ escape, but the harvorisks have begun reproducing, seeking prey among the planet’s miners.

key facts
Level: 36
Planet: Quesh