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X: 769, Y: 699

Additional information:

For Empire : You get this Codex Entry from killing a named mob Gundark Lifetaker at Dromund Kaas .

For Republic: Non obtainable .

We would like to thank to commanderkeeva for additional information’s.

Original Game Codex Text

The gundark is among the most feared of all species. Its strength is matched only by its resilience and keen senses, and it is a favorite target of big game hunters and a featured attraction in gladiatorial arenas galaxy-wide. Gundarks rarely last long in captivity, however; many beast tamers tell of letting their guard down for a half-second in the presence of these mighty creatures, only to be attacked and horribly mauled. They are the lucky ones. Anyone encountering a gundark in the wild knows to give this monster a wide berth or else be prepared for a fight; the gundark is known to attack unprovoked.

key facts
Level: 11
Planet: Dromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa