GSI Satellite Support

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Additional information:

You receive this codex once you interact with GSI Satellite Support Terminal. You can find these terminals all over the Makeb.

We would like to thank Atmo for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Galactic Solutions Industries’ latest innovation in on-the-field assistance is the GSI Satellite Support Suite. As stated in a corporate news release by GSI founder and CEO Addalar Hyland, “Now anyone–from rescue workers to explorers to soldiers–can reap the benefits of enhanced protection and heightened effectiveness thanks to the SSS, which is powered by our proprietary Orbital Flux technology.”Like many innovations, Orbital Flux was discovered by accident. Recognizing the value in overcoming the travel and communications problems that plagued Makeb due to its notoriously harsh atmosphere, GSI researchers attempted to manipulate particle beams fired from orbit in such a way that they would counteract the effects. However, when driven through the atmosphere the particles took on exotic attributes that made them energy rich and malleable. While these new properties had no effect on starships or holotransmissions, they were found to be beneficial to living beings.When signaled from the ground, the SSS bathes its target in Orbital Flux and the satellite enters Support Mode, continuously tracking the target’s condition and location, and even providing medical probe assistance. While Orbital Flux only works on Makeb at present, GSI’s technicians are striving to replicate the curious process without the help of Makeb’s atmosphere.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Makeb