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X: 146, Y: 2445

Additional information:

In the Gormak Lands just south of the King’s cannon. Two branches sticking out of the ground at about (146,2445).

We would like to thank Nexsis, JediWarrior and Raystlin for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

An aggressive species of humanoids found exclusively on the world of Voss, the Gormak have an amazing ability to comprehend highly advanced technology and adapt it to their specific needs. From bits of scavenged electronics and discarded equipment, they can construct tools, machinery… even deadly weapons and cybernetic implants.Aside from their affinity for technology, the Gormak’s most notable feature is their hatred of the Voss species. The Gormak view the Voss as abominations that must be purged from their homeworld, and they are quick to extend this animosity to newcomers from the Republic and the Empire–like the Voss, these newcomers are all “outsiders.”The Gormak population is estimated to be in the millions, spread across the planet, but so far their tribal, warlike nature has kept them from uniting against the Voss. Yet over the centuries, the Voss have had to constantly fight against the Gormak to survive–and developed a hatred just as strong as the Gormak’s.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Voss