Gormak and Voss Origins

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X: -892, Y: -1178

Additional information:

Inside a small Gormak camp. Looks like a briefcase and is on the ground.

We would like to thank to Ajay (R2D2) for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

In the beginning, the Gormak were the only species on Voss–semisentient humanoids marked with a strong, though undeveloped, affinity for the Force. However, the history of the Gormak was forever altered several thousand years ago when they were discovered and enslaved by a small group of Sith.A minor Jedi contingent of explorers arrived soon after. Bowing to pressure from a group of Gormak elders who had escaped the Sith, the Jedi taught a handful of the tribes the ways of the Force. They had no way of knowing that doing so would alter the path of their natural evolution so that they underwent profound physical and mental changes over the next several generations. The creatures ceased to be Gormak and became something else entirely–the Voss.The Jedi preached temperance and defense but the newly formed Voss immediately attacked the Sith who still lurked among the Gormak primitives. The Voss destroyed the Sith, but in the process they were touched by the dark side, further altering their radically sensitive evolutionary path. Later the small group of Jedi explorers disappeared, having gone home or dying to accident or Voss aggression. Whatever the case, the strange happenings on Voss were never recorded in any archive.Ascending to the top of Voss’s tallest peak, the new species turned to its most powerful Force-users for leadership. Myths about their origins began as the newly ordained “Mystics” tried to explain what had happened and eventually it was believed that the Voss had simply always been. In time this myth became the accepted truth, until even the Mystics themselves forgot the real origins of their people.

key facts
Level: 44
Planet: Voss