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Additional information:

[Republic]: Obtained after speaking with Supreme Chancellor Saresh on the Gav Daragon to start the mission “Scum and Villainy”.

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Original Game Codex Text

The GenoHaradan are a secret guild of assassins whose history stretches back before the foundation of the Galactic Republic. Originally serving as secret police in the empire of Xim the Despot, the GenoHaradan became their own masters after Xim’s defeat, selling their deadly services to the highest bidder in the decades before the foundation of the Republic.The leadership of the GenoHaradan recognized the potential for their own organization to thrive under the Republic’s loose democracy, and chose to support the fledgling government from the shadows. Though only a select few are aware of them, GenoHaradan agents have continued to eliminate threats to the Republic throughout the Great War, and they remain one of the Republic’s most effective allies–although their motivations remain anything but patriotic.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 50
Planet: Unknown Planet