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X: -1151, Y: 1526

Additional information:

In order to obtain this codex find and kill Gen’Dai (strong, elite) in High Security Section. You can find infected Gen’dai in area, too, but they do NOT give the codex.

We would like to thank Acoweba, JediWarrior and NuckingFutsNix for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

A rare and reclusive species, Gen’Dai are virtually immortal. Living for thousands of years, they possess distributed nervous and vascular systems and lack any vulnerable vital organs. Combined with their natural regenerative abilities, they can survive almost any injury, including total dismemberment. Despite their resilience, Gen’Dai typically wear heavy armor to give structure to their sinewy, boneless forms.Abandoning their homeworld millennia ago for unknown reasons, most Gen’Dai now lead a nomadic existence. Believing in the perfection of permanence, these nonviolent philosophers see change as an illusion; as a result, Gen’Dai rarely take an active role in anything, preferring to remain unobtrusive observers as galactic history unfolds.Some Gen’Dai suffer mental deterioration as they age. This leads to a pronounced increase in violent tendencies, and some of the afflicted eventually become mercenaries or bounty hunters. Most documented Gen’Dai encounters involve these rogue individuals, giving the species a somewhat unfavorable and undeserved reputation for viciousness.

key facts
Level: 20
Planet: Belsavis