Garblaque’s Haven

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Additional information:

Awarded upon completion of class mission series “Tickets to Haven” for Beryl Thorne on Rishi.

We would like to thank commanderkeeva and Yunikorn for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

[HoloNet Advertisement]Tired of war? Sick of prophecies of impending doom? Looking for an exciting new way to flaunt your vast wealth? Then Garblaque the Hutt has the cure to end all your woes!Leave the galaxy behind with HAVEN: The Luxury Dreadnaught! Spend ten years outside the fringes of known space in opulent splendor! Haven provides only the best in accommodations, dining, entertainment, recreation, relaxation and satiation. Your life of privilege will not only continue aboard Haven–you will find yourself enjoying entirely new levels of comfort and indulgence! Garblaque has everything you want–and in vast supply. We cater to your every need with no exceptions* and practically guarantee the greatest experience of your life!Buy your tickets to Haven: The Luxury Dreadnaught in the next two days and your generous host will promise to dine with you once per year! That’s ten glorious, all-you-can-consume-and-more feasts with Garbalque himself–just for making your purchase early!What are you waiting for? Mutually assured galactic annihilation? Get your tickets to Haven this instant!*pending availability – surcharges may apply

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Smuggler
Level: 55
Planet: Rishi