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X: 2225, Y: 813

Additional information:

Get this codex in the “Old Galactic Market – Concourse” sector in the room with “Captain Denal-Zon” (NPC for the quest “The Senator’s Stolen Goods”). The Gand is on the right of the captain and the plaque for the codex is behind him.

We would like to thank Dreossk for sending us additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The Gand are a keen-eyed and sturdy species of insect-like humanoids. Comprised of over a dozen subtly distinct subspecies, several types of Gand require breathing apparatuses to survive outside the ammonia-rich atmosphere of their homeworld.Despite this handicap, Gand make some of the best bounty hunters and trackers in the galaxy, and the art of the hunt is an integral part of Gand culture. The most revered Gand profession is that of Findsman: Part-shaman, part-bounty hunter, a Findsman uses a combination of ritual and skill to track his prey and bring him to justice.Under other circumstances, the Gand’s skill as hunters and natural physical hardiness might have led them to become a proud race. However, Gand are noted for being humble and self-deprecating. Most Gand refer to themselves in the third person, as Gand culture dictates that an individual’s identity must first be earned. Only the most notable Gand ever call themselves “I.”

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 12
Planet: Coruscant