Gage-class Transport

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X: -210, Y: 161

Additional information:

This is found during The Black Talon flashpoint. To get this codex, you must choose the DS option to kill the Captain in the first LS/DS choice of the flashpoint. This opens up the Engineering Deck area of the flashpoint, where this codex is located.

It is a computer terminal on the far side of the room where you take the elevator down, and 2 pods carrying droids break through the right side wall.

We would like to thank Jadda’nok and Pronger for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Resembling the larger, more heavily armed Terminus-class destroyer, the Gage-class transport trades the destroyer’s numerous turbolaser banks for cargo space and troop barracks. Where the Gage does resemble its cousin, however, is its heavy armor–the Gage isn’t built for speed or combat, but to get its cargo to a destination intact.Captaincy of a Gage is often a first step for Imperial naval officers seeking greater responsibilities, but it can also be a punishment for an officer who’s drawn the ire of his superiors. In one famous case during the last war, a disgraced captain took advantage of the Gage’s armor in an act of redemption–ramming the ship into a Republic battle station, tearing through deck after deck before the Gage was destroyed.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 10
Planet: Unknown Planet