Fort Salvo

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X: -112, Y: -116

Additional information:

Go to x:-69 y:-92 z:0 at eastern shalf, contested crossrods and take the elevator down in the valley and follow the way to x:-207 y:3 z:-60. somewhere on that way you will get the entry.

We would like to thank Ash and LordJypx for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Nicknamed by the soldiers who first erected the base, Fort Salvo is the Republic’s main artillery and munitions outpost on Ilum. Fort Salvo’s gunners are some of the best in the galaxy, and have claimed dozens of Imperial troop carriers; they train by shooting down stray meteorites. The installation of a protective ray shield offended Fort Salvo’s more maverick gunners, who saw it as impugning their ability to handle incoming hostiles.As the Empire presses the Republic forces harder on Ilum, Fort Salvo has become an increasingly important position. Members of the Republic’s alien coalition have begun transferring forces there in earnest; this also allows them to claim their share of munitions before anyone else.

key facts
Level: 50
Planet: Ilum