Firestorm Lasers (Knight)

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Additional information:

U get it during mission “Firestorm” .

Original Game Codex Text

Although the Desolator superweapon was destroyed in orbit above Tython, the legacy of Darth Angral and his son Tarnis lives on. Imperial scientists have adapted the Desolator technology into a new form: the Firestorm Turbolaser. These cannons superheat the atmosphere in a targeted area, literally setting the air on fire and incinerating anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within the area of effect.The Firestorm Turbolasers have one key weakness: they must be deployed relatively close to the battlefield. This leaves the artillery units vulnerable to counterattack and destruction. Indeed, the only way to remain safe from these deadly weapons is to ensure they are never fired.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Knight
Level: 48
Planet: Corellia