Evocii Tribes

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X: 57, Y: 675

Original Game Codex Text

Although most Evocii remember little of their culture now, it is certain that the Evocii once existed in hundreds of tribes scattered throughout Hutta’s (then known as Evocar) once-lush surface. Usually ruled by a married couple acting as paired chieftains, the Evocii tribes traded and competed with each other, building monuments as proof of their comfort and superior resources.The most honored members of the tribe were rarely the chieftains themselves; the Evocii placed higher value on healers, trackers, and those who could predict Evocar’s intemperate weather. The tribes were not entirely peaceful, though; the Evocii preferred cunning guerilla attacks and raids to assaulting their enemies directly.The Hutts ignored the structure of Evocii society when they obtained control of the planet. Tribes were split up and intermingled, eventually losing their identity altogether. Only fragments of Evocii tribal culture remain, mostly in the communities that resisted Hutt rule and vanished into Hutta’s swamps.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 5
Planet: Hutta