Esh-Kha Culture

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X: -703, Y: -1507

Additional information:

Inside the Power Relay Vault in The Tomb area on Belsavis. Entrance at X:-925,Y:-1472 in the southwest of the map , on top of the box .You have to go within the Republic area to get to the cave.

We would like to thank dak , Ash and Margaret Eddins for additional information and PierreFM for sending us the screenshots.

Original Game Codex Text

To outsiders, the Esh-kha appear to be a savage and violent people, caring only about the destruction of all other species. In fact, the Esh-kha closely resemble a hive society. Although each individual has his own thoughts and aspirations, every Esh-kha is born in his place, bred for a role and eager to fulfill it. Their society is divided into castes: the Force-sensitive but simple-minded savants; the skilled, determined warriors, who are the most numerous and who watch over their savant brethren; and the patriarch, whose wisdom shapes the decisions of the Esh-kha as a whole.The Esh-kha’s hatred for all other sentient species may stem from their tightly-knit society; Esh-kha are simply unable to tolerate or adapt to the existence of thinking beings who are not Esh-kha. But this savagery only extends to outsiders. Esh-kha are only violent with each other under the most extreme circumstances.Esh-kha are not named at birth, but earn their names through action. An Esh-kha who proves particularly cunning might become “Razor Mind” or “Water Thinker.” This may partly explain the Esh-kha zeal in battle, as young warriors seek not only victory, but the opportunity to claim a name and forge their own identity.

key facts
Level: 40
Planet: Belsavis