Eclipse Squad

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Additional information:

Obtained after you complete the quest “Eclipse Squad” for General Garza on Rishi.

We would like to thank commanderkeeva for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

[Excerpted from SpecForce psychological profiles.]Working from a diverse range of personality types and competencies will help to further refine the grafting process. The following candidates have been put forth by Psych. Div.:Sergeant Parisa, engineer Demonstrates focus. Has a drive bordering on anger due to recent family trauma.Lieutenant Mak’eef, heavy weapons Anxious, self-assured. Signed up as an alternative to fretting over the war.Sergeant Revai, sniper Deliberate and distant. Highly intelligent. Tendency to fixate on dark thoughts.Sergeant Noray, field medic Good-humored. Capable under extreme pressure. Orphaned at birth.Captain Udanara, linguistics Charismatic. Morale builder. Extensive combat and leadership experience.Major Corovani, strategic command Responsible. Resolute. Pragmatic. Multiple-time SpecForce Honors recipient. Family man.Candidate set: APPROVED

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Trooper
Level: 55
Planet: Rishi