Drelliad Village

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X: 121, Y: 13

Additional information:

Also location: 1. X:55; Y:-435; 2. X:120; Y:-390; Any area of the location called ‘Drelliad Village’ seems to grant the codex, so it will be multiple co-ordinates. Use this one and the other one as a guide to the area’s location.

We would like to thank Dave A. for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

What is now called Drelliad village was established decades ago as the private retreat of Ord Mantell’s most celebrated smuggler, the voluptuous and quick-witted Ulla Drelliad. In the years after Ulla’s death, her hideaway was transformed into a thriving trading post. Now, Drelliad village is hotly contested territory where separatist and Republic forces battle in the streets, and the handful of civilians who haven’t already fled hide in basements and behind locked doors.Although small, Drelliad village occupies a critical point between separatist-controlled territory and areas still loyal to the Republic. More importantly, what used to be Ulla’s personal docking bay is now one of the only starship landing pads outside of local Republic headquarters. If Drelliad village falls entirely to the separatists, it will bring the enemy one step closer to securing the entire island.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 1
Planet: Ord Mantell