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X: -752, Y: -121

Additional information:

Found by killing Hunting Sand Bat at Tatooine at around X:-752, Y:-121.
Not confirmed by latest changes.

We would like to thank to fznb for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

Dragonbats are nocturnal hunters often found in the dark places of warm and temperate worlds. They are able to draw sustenance from carrion as well from fresh meat, and this wide-ranging diet makes them adaptable to many environments–making them a pest to sentient creatures and a source of fear for fellow animals.Dragonbats generally hunt alone or in small packs, but they occasionally gather into massive “swarms.” The swarm is combination mating ritual and battle royale, where the weakest of the species are culled by stronger members, who may then reproduce. While vicious, this ritual helps ensure dragonbat genetic diversity while capping the creatures’ population.

key facts
Planet: Unknown Planet