Diago Hixan (Smuggler)

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Brilliant thief, ruthless crime lord and notorious lady-killer, Diago Hixan once competed with the infamous Nok Drayen to rule the galactic underworld. Their rivalry spanned many years and countless worlds as they scored bigger heists and hunted rarer treasures, punctuated by the occasional spat of violence. Diago Hixan claimed victory after Nok Drayen died, bringing many cunning and merciless criminals throughout the galaxy under his heel.In his prime, one of Diago Hixan’s greatest treasures was the beautiful Shassa Dalle. To his dismay, she was eventually “stolen” by none other than Nok Drayen. For years Diago Hixan made many impassioned attempts to take her back from his rival, but his pursuit ended after he accidentally caused Shassa’s death.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Smuggler
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine