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X: 47, Y: 685

Additional information:

It is a crate half buried in the snow near a bulldozer and a speeder with a few Imperial scouts around.

We would like to thank Progenitor and Amelie for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Deep-miner technology has been in development for over a decade. These exceptionally powerful drilling devices were originally conceived by the Imperial machinist Jelven Donn, who was investigating ways to keep mining worlds profitable. Able to drill down to previously unreachable depths, deep-miners would be able to reach resources long thought depleted–in theory. However, Jelven Donn was never able to solve the problem of the deep-miners’ power consumption, and lost half a dozen units to overloaded batteries.With the discovery of Ilum and its unique crystal deposits, Jelven Donn realized that the amplifying capabilities of Adegan crystals could make deep-miner power supplies a viable prospect at last. Deep-miners have since become a staple of Imperial mining efforts on Ilum. However, their deployment close to Ilum’s core has concerned some Imperial scientists, who have picked up recent fluctuations in seismic activity.

key facts
Level: 50
Planet: Ilum