Data Slicing

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Additional information:

[Republic]: This codex is in the Nikto Sector, a data pad on shelf X:-3286 Y:-3072.

[Empire]: This codes can be found in Corellian Sector: Chemical Refinement District. Coordinates are X: -3674, Y: -1345, Z: 225.

We would like to thank Caladus, ZeroEdge and Dominia for additional information and Drakkon DarkBlade for sending us the screen-shots .

Original Game Codex Text

Data slicing is one of the less advertised, though very profitable, industries thriving on Nar Shaddaa. For the right price, computer and electronics experts can be hired for a variety of services. Traditionally, these include corporate espionage, personal information-gathering (whether as part of an investigation or for use in blackmail) and security enhancements. However, with the escalating tension between Republic and Imperial forces, skilled slicers are now often employed as code breakers and saboteurs.Some of the best slicers in the galaxy are self-taught independent operators. Advantages of employing outside experts in covert military operations include plausible deniability and the option to forego rescue operations when a mission asset is compromised or captured. Whether this offsets the risk of a slicer switching sides for a better offer is a matter of debate.

key facts
Level: 20
Planet: Nar Shaddaa