Councillor Belos

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Additional information:

U get it , after finished mission “Underground Invasion” .

Original Game Codex Text

A member of the Corellian council, Belos is a no-nonsense businessman who can spot a good deal when he sees one. Believing the Empire’s superior military might would allow it to overwhelm the Republic, Councillor Belos voted to join the winning side. However, his business sense has led him to rethink his decision; suspecting the Republic might not be such a lost cause after all, he now backs the Corellian defenders.Like any reasonable Corellian businessman, Belos has his own personal security team and covert operatives to help protect his various investments. The agents he employs keep him updated on the status of many companies and organizations around the city, both public and secretive.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 48
Planet: Corellia