Corso Riggs (Smuggler)

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Original Game Codex Text

Corso Riggs is a cheerful, disarmingly optimistic mercenary soldier. Raised as a rancher’s son on the rough frontier of Ord Mantell, Corso developed a mixture of naive innocence and primitive toughness, wrapped with old-fashioned chivalry.In addition to his gung-ho enjoyment of a good, dirty fight and his encyclopedic knowledge of weapons, Corso remains a ray of sunshine in even the worst circumstances. He has no sense of his own mortality and is absolutely convinced he’s going to live forever. Corso also has a soft spot for damsels in distress, even when it’s clear they’re up to no good.Likes: Protecting the weak, being nice to ladies, punishing bad guys Dislikes: Hurting for profit, hurting women no matter what they did, working with Sith or ImperialsPrimary Stat: Aim Secondary Stat: EndurancePrimary Weapon: Blaster Pistol or Blaster Rifle Secondary Weapon: Shield Generator

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Smuggler
Level: 9
Planet: Ord Mantell