Coronet City

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X: 2461, Y: -3077

Additional information:

x: 2461 y: -3077 z:224 [Goverment District] – South of ‘The Bastion’

We would like to thank Shariff for additional information and for sending us the screenshots.

Original Game Codex Text

Nicknamed “The Jewel of Corellia,” Coronet City is the center of government and commerce on the planet. Although Corellia’s urban development is negligible compared to Coruscant’s, it is commonly accepted that Corellia’s cities–Coronet included–are cleaner, greener and friendlier than any place on Coruscant. Indeed, the tourism industry on Corellia is almost twice the size of that of the Republic capital.Celebrated author Custo Ramak’s final work, “Nights of Ryscate and Diamonds,” is a deeply sentimental account of his luxurious, hedonistic lifestyle in Coronet City. Ramak’s deathbed composition has long been embraced by young artists flocking to the city in search of fame and fortune. The author himself remains on display in the Museum of Fine Art, his funeral ashes compressed into a diamond per Corellian custom.

key facts
Level: 48
Planet: Corellia