Clan Varad

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Additional information:

You get this codex entry upon entering the Mandalorian Raiders Flashpoint.

We would like to thank to Mags for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

Considered aggressive even by Mandalorian standards, Clan Varad has carved out a reputation for violence over decades, raiding and plundering from various hidden bases throughout the Tamarin Sector. Its chieftain, Mavrix Varad, is known to be particularly bloodthirsty; Varad warriors who cannot pass his demanding combat trials are used for sparring and hunting practice by the younger members of the clan. Though life in Clan Varad is unremittingly harsh, those who survive quickly become accustomed to a steady flow of plunder, credits and weapons.In recent times, the personality clashes between Mandalore and Mavrix Varad have grown impossible to ignore. Varad clansmen are no longer welcome on the Mandalorian stronghold of Geonosis, and Mandalore himself has privately described Mavrix Varad as “a rancor foaming at the mouth.” Clan Varad’s break with the Mandalorian leadership has surprised no one; its willingness to pick a fight with both the Empire and the Republic, however, suggests that even Mandalore may have underestimated the threat Mavrix Varad poses.

key facts
Level: 23
Planet: Unknown Planet