Chiss Expansionary Defense Force (Agent)

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The Chiss Expansionary Defense Force is the main military power within the Chiss Ascendancy, charged with protecting the Ascendancy’s borders, exploring space outside the Ascendancy proper and assisting with Imperial military operations. The Defense Force maintains ground, air and space-based divisions, but is not intended to operate on Chiss soil–internal security and homeworld ground defense are assigned elsewhere.The Chiss believe that Defense Force personnel are the best-trained and most disciplined soldiers in the galaxy, and this claim holds some merit–Defense Force officers are held to an incredibly high standard of physical fitness and mental acuity. Imperial analysts point out, however, that these standards can only exist so long as the Chiss avoid the attrition inherent to protracted, large-scale conflicts.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Imperial Agent
Level: 36
Planet: Hoth