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X: -88, Y: -127

Additional information:

You will receive this codex from a venemous Chemilizard, NE of Rust Yards. West of +2 Presence Datacron.

We would like to thank Varkiriel and Rigel from Canderous Ordo for additional information

Original Game Codex Text

Most creatures avoid Hutta’s polluted swamps, but these massive reptiles call the toxic marshes home. Nicknamed “chemilizards” by the local workers, these predators have adapted to the poisonous land by absorbing toxins, which contribute to their unique coloring and acidic saliva. Many also believe these toxins have poisoned the chemilizards’ minds, turning the ferocious reptiles violent and untamable.Before their mutation, chemilizards were a Hutt delicacy known as orpali dragons. These rare lizards were bred for harvest, killed in infancy and traditionally served over a bed of glazed chuba eyes. Orpali dragons were on the menu for the centennial feast of Bakuush the Hutt when several hatchlings escaped into the wild through the palace sewers. Over time, the resilient lizards evolved, and although one Hutt did attempt to dine on the adapted chemilizards, the results were most unappetizing.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 5
Planet: Hutta