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X: 242, Y: -43

Additional information:

The Cathar is in the refugee camp outside the walls of Fort Garnik on the way to Talloran. Talk to Yael to get the mission Mercy to receive this codex.

We would like to thank JattaGin and Dave A. for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Cathar are a feline humanoid species native to the planet of the same name. They are normally covered in fur, although variations in the genetic baseline have expressed themselves as at least two distinct subspecies. Cathar are noteworthy hand-to-hand combatants, possessing retractable claws, strong physiques and natural agility.It was the Cathar reputation for martial prowess that drew the Mandalorians to besiege their homeworld several centuries ago. Despite their valiant resistance against the remorseless invaders, the native Cathar were virtually exterminated. Out of millions, only a few hundred escaped the Mandalorians’ attack and fled to Republic space.In the time since their near-extinction, the Cathar have rebuilt their numbers to become common faces on Republic worlds. The Jedi Order, Galactic Senate and Republic military all claim numerous proud and loyal Cathar among their ranks. It is rare to encounter a Cathar who doesn’t actively despise the Sith Empire–and especially its Mandalorian allies.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 2
Planet: Ord Mantell