Carida Corsairs

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X: 773, Y: 24

Additional information:

You get this codex when you complete the mission “Monkey-Lizard Business”, South Beach Boardwalk, Raider’s Cove, Rishi.

Original Game Codex Text

At one time, the Corida Corsairs were the bane of the coreward end of the Perlemian Trade Route. Their brazen and ruthless tactics struck fear into dozens of Republic-aligned worlds for more than two hundred years. The Corsairs’ hijackings, raids and ransom demands became the stuff of legend. The very utterance of their name would send ripples of dread throughout the political halls of Coruscant.All that changed when the Corsairs’ home base on Carida was discovered and raided by a Republic strike force. Without a center of operations, the remaining Corsairs were either picked off or scattered to the winds. Over time, the Carida Corsairs became something of a laughing stock, often depicted in popular fiction as ineffectual bunglers. But the remaining Carida Corsairs, often identified by their Kowakian Monkey-Lizard accomplices, have moved on to more remote parts of the galaxy, like Rishi. They have kept their name out of pride, hoping that one day they will be powerful enough to call Carida their home and strike fear into the Republic once again.

key facts
Level: 55
Planet: Rishi