Cademimu Five

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When u enter ” Cademimu” flashpoint u get this codex .

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Original Game Codex Text

The fifth planet of the Cademimu system is the “war chest of the Outer Rim,” a vital component in the Republic’s defenses. First colonized to serve as a waypoint for deep space military patrols, Cademimu’s population increased dramatically with the discovery of the Celanon Spur hyperlane–a discovery that changed Cademimu from an obscure stopover to a major trade hub.Cademimu’s location also gives it strategic importance, and, in keeping with its military and trade traditions, the Republic began stockpiling planetary weaponry on the world. In the event of a military conflict, Cademimu’s planetary missile batteries and other armaments can be transported to whatever systems require heavy defenses. During the Great War, the Cademiman stockpiles were depleted twice; but since the Treaty of Coruscant, they have been rebuilt larger than ever.

key facts
Level: 20
Planet: Unknown Planet