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X: -1273, Y: 1313

Additional information:

Gotten from Bormu Plainsgrazers in Stillwater Bend (Markaran Plains).

Got this codex at x: -1831, y: 1375. / X: -1262, Y: 1274 (Balmorra; Empire)

Republic can get it at -1805, 1315. you don’t attack them but walk near the Elder Bormu and you’ll get the update.

We would like to thank brett’dah ,Blink, Umbroso,JediColt and Ken for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The enormous and majestic bormus once moved in herds across Balmorra–until the Imperial bombardment wiped out many of the slow-moving behemoths and the pollution from Balmorra’s destroyed factories poisoned the land and the bormus’ food supply. Despite their size, bormus are incredibly gentle beasts and formerly relied on their herds for protection, stampeding potential predators. Now that they are on the brink of extinction, lone bormus are easily picked off by smaller, faster predators.

key facts
Level: 16
Planet: Balmorra