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X: 1050, Y: -621

Additional information:

It is in the Evergreen Crags section of the Juran Mountains, and yes, the NPC target name is correct: It is an elite Ferocious Bolraida, level 30.

We would like to thank ZeroEdge and Juan for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Utterly at odds with the tranquility of their native Alderaan, bolraidas are one of the most aggressive species in the galaxy. They are brutally effective hunters, running down prey with their powerful front legs before gouging them with the hook-like tusks on their lower jaws.Early Alderaanian settlers were shocked to encounter such violent beasts on their paradisiacal new home, and it wasn’t long before bolraida attacks became a leading cause of death. Unlike their distant relative, the iraida, bolraidas are impossible to train; nearly every attempt to domesticate the beasts has ended disastrously.

key facts
Level: 28
Planet: Alderaan