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Additional information:

For Republic Side: – I got this codex entry of a Bogstalker Shrieker around -280, 1100.

For Empire Side: – Killed a random Bogstalker Drone loc: -685,840

We would like to thank Kolf, Jamie and Drangar for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The bogstalker is one of many ancient species from the planet Taris’s prehistory thought extinct until its rediscovery after the planet’s bombardment. It turned out that the bogstalkers had survived for millennia beneath Taris’s sprawling undercity, and in the post-bombardment wreckage, the bogstalker has thrived as its natural swampy habitat has spread.Remarkably, the pollutants from the destruction of Taris have only made the bogstalker more resilient, as its flesh is now poisonous to most predators–even the voracious rakghouls.

key facts
Level: 16
Planet: Taris