Black Codex: Operation: Shining Man (Agent)

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Original Game Codex Text

[Data reconstructed from the Shining Man’s databanks and files retrieved from the Tytun Rings HoloNet archive.]The Mystics are a wildcard; they must be brought under control before the endgame. Any other opportunities Voss presents–a chance to train operatives against the Force in a controlled environment, a bauble to distract the Republic and Empire, even a base of operations–are secondary.Follow the plan. Become what they require and make your case. We don’t need to make allies; we just need them out of the way while we resolve the matters at hand.I wish you could be here for the last days, but our “prophecy” must be sealed by sacrifice and we can’t risk another layer of deception. Your time as enforcer will be remembered in the codex, and Hunter will be an able successor.[Reconstruction ends here.]

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Imperial Agent
Level: 44
Planet: Voss