Belsavis Prison Personnel

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X: 1134, Y: 1366

Additional information:

Its datapad on the crate near the wall and weapon cache.

We would like to thank to Myra for additional information and for sending us the screenshots .

Original Game Codex Text

The personnel who run the Belsavis prison come from a variety of backgrounds. Many are Republic military, but others are decorated members of planetary security forces or staff transfers from maximum security prisons elsewhere. All receive extensive training upon acceptance into the Belsavis forces, and are experts at riot control, siege tactics and asymmetrical combat. Some are also skilled interrogators, negotiators and psychologists.Augmenting the staff is a veritable army of Republic security droids, including many built and maintained on Belsavis. The Belsavis warden droids are designed specifically for prison work, and can move through parts of Belsavis where no living guard is permitted.

key facts
Level: 40
Planet: Belsavis