Atmosphere of Makeb

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Additional information:

[Republic]: You can acquire this codex at Makeb: Republic Orbital Station. This Orbital Station stands between your ship and planet Makeb (X:2623 ; Y:861).

[Empire]: Plaque on stand in shuttle bay, west wall near Agent Tomms, Basic Gear Vendor (X: -3281 ; Y: -135).

We would like to thank Bobec and Yunikorn for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Makeb’s wealthy citizens have spent millions of credits trying to solve the problem of the planet’s peculiar atmospheric conditions. High levels of electromagnetic interference in Makeb’s upper atmosphere wreak havoc on communications and destroy any ship much larger than a personal shuttle. The interference was responsible for the original transport crash that brought Makeb’s settlers to the planet. It also rendered the transport’s communications equipment useless, cutting off Makeb from the rest of the galaxy.Although Makeb engineers eventually devised a reliable communication system that compensates for the interference, traveling through the atmosphere is still incredibly dangerous. In the early days of Makeb’s colonization, daredevil pilots calling themselves the Lightning Runners built specialized fliers from salvage and attempted to navigate the skies. While many died, the data they gathered eventually showed patterns in the interference, which modern Makeb shuttle pilots exploit to safely transport passengers and cargo in small quantities.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Makeb