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X: -174, Y: 1986

Additional information:

Fixed in patch 2.3.1 . Obtained upon killing any Anomid mob in Southeastern High Security area, Belsavis.

We would like to thank Nexsis and Drake for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Anomids are perhaps most easily recognized for the vocalizer masks they wear over their mouths. These units, while not necessary for breathing, are necessary for Anomid speech, as Anomids do not possess vocal chords and typically communicate with each other using a six-fingered sign language.Wealthy and adept at technological innovation, Anomids can be found far from their homeworld of Yablari serving as merchants, scientists and engineers. As a species, Anomids have traditionally allied themselves with the Republic, but individual Anomids can be found embedded with any number of cultures and organizations–including the Hutt Cartel.

key facts
Level: 36
Planet: Unknown Planet