An Omen Most Dire

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X: 1558, Y: -118

Additional information:

You can get this codex entry once you speak to Revan after defeating him for the mission: “The Enemy Within”.

Original Game Codex Text

The Sith Emperor stalks the galaxy once more. Whether his return from the brink of oblivion is the result of the Emperor’s own dark manipulations or merely the result of a terrible convergence of events, his ultimate goal remains the same–to consume all life in the galaxy as fuel for his own immortality.Despite this chilling turn of events, hope remains. The Emperor’s plans have been stopped before, and the Republic is in a stronger position than ever. But the future is always in motion, and the manipulations of the Sith are never predictable….

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 58
Planet: Yavin 4