Akure, the Ghost in the Darkness (Bounty Hunter)

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X: 91, Y: 2095

Additional information:

This entry is awarded for defeating Akure on Dromund Kaas (in the cave – Lair of the Ghost) during the class mission The Heart of Darkness.

We would like to thank to Cobalt Praetorian and gasguy for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

For hundreds of years, Dromund Kaas has been cloaked in an impenetrable night and thrashing storms supposedly caused by the power of the Emperor himself. But these are merely the most conspicuous manifestations of his legendary influence on the Imperial homeworld. Deep in the bowels of Dromund Kaas, another manifestation has been growing–a creature born far underground, a Sithspawn that has supped on the dark side for decades. For now, the beast remains lurking in the darkness, but its hunger is eternal and it is always, always growing.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Bounty Hunter
Level: 40
Planet: Unknown Planet