Ahto City

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X: -223, Y: 135

Additional information:

Republic: Plaque in front of fountain in Republic Concourse.

We would like to thank Anne Hande for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

For millennia, the Selkath had no contact with other worlds. Then the Rakata came to Manaan and enslaved the Selkath, forcing them to construct monuments to the great Infinite Empire. After the Infinite Empire’s fall, the Selkath were left in isolation once more. Now aware of the greater galaxy and its many species, the Selkath decided to build a city on the surface–a shining capital designed for tourism, trade and diplomacy.Ahto City was a thriving metropolis. At one point, large contingents of the Republic and the Empire lived side by side in Ahto City despite the raging Jedi Civil War. This awkward arrangement was made possible due to both sides’ desperate need for Manaan’s healing agent, kolto. More recently, however, the Sith Empire grew tired of Selkath neutrality and bombarded the planet from orbit, destroying most of Manaan’s surface structures–including Ahto City. The Selkath have since retreated to the depths, abandoning their once-great capital, now a half-sunken wreck.

key facts
Level: 55
Planet: Manaan