Advanced Class: Jedi Shadow

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A Shadow serves the Jedi Order by being a silent observer and, when action is necessary, a subtle hand. Shadows go unseen, employing Force techniques that cloud enemy minds to slip into hostile territory and, when necessary, striking enemies down with deadly efficiency. Shadows embrace the synergy between lightsaber and Force combat.All Jedi Shadows use the Force to conceal themselves and move invisibly behind enemy lines, as well as learn to use double-bladed lightsabers in either an offensive or defensive capacity. Shadows can also opt to learn Infiltration, becoming masters of stealth and ambush who forgo the head-on attack for the vulnerable flank; Kinetic Combat, utilizing a double-bladed lightsaber as either an acrobatic weapon or a bulwark of defense; and Balance, deploying the power of the Force to enhance lightsaber techniques and debilitate foes in combat.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Consular
Level: 10
Planet: Unknown Planet