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X: -337, Y: 547

Additional information:

Once you enter the High Security Section of Belsavis, these should start popping up here and there. We killed one of the Strong roamers in the wild (first one we found) and it gave us the update.

I got this off a Tamed Acklay Ravager which was walking back and forth on a short dirt path at X:-437, Y:204, Z:233. It is a Strong level mob.

We would like to thank dak and Kerviel for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Acklay are native to the planet Vendaxa, whose ultra-dense ecosystem lends itself to evolutionary specialization. There, acklay are among the top predators, able to stalk and eviscerate prey among the jungles and plains, tracking creatures by their electrical auras. An acklay is not built to build nests or forage or migrate when seasons change–an acklay only knows how to hunt, and survive the hunting.Despite various governments’ efforts to prevent the spread of acklay, the creatures are traded on the black market as gladiatorial challenges and targets for big game hunters. Inevitably, a few acklay escape or are left out in the wild, and the creatures either die–or they breed, survive and threaten anyone they encounter.

key facts
Level: 40
Planet: Belsavis