Swtor Spy guides for SWTOR Game Update 2.0

For all SWTOR fans with Early Access the long wait will finally be over today. In the next few hours SWTOR servers will be down for scheduled maintenance and the launch of Game Update 2.0. We hope that you have stacked experience boosts and dailies, gained best gear so far, and logged off your character in a rested area like cantine, your ship or the fleet.

The first SWTOR Digital Expansion will increase the level cap, bring new planet, along with new quests, datacrons and much more. For this new adventure, Swtor Spy team has a bunch of surprises for you, which will guide you through the new content.

  • SWTOR Talent Calculator 2.0
    Skill calculator with the updated skills for all classes so you can check out all the changes to your skill tree. All Class Skill Trees have been adjusted significantly, and all player Skill Points have been refunded.
  • Makeb Datacron +10 Presence Guide
    Head to the south-west part of Makeb, in Perekta Mesa (X:-1720, Y:4343). This datacron is can be collected in a few minutes.
  • Makeb Datacron +10 Endurance Guide
    The starting location for +10 Endurance datacron is in Frinn Mesa, while the datacron itself is located in the Cartel Mining Mesa. There are several tricky jumps during this adventure, thus, be patient!
  • New SWTOR 2.0 Makeb Codex
  • SWTOR Legacy Achievements Database
    We released for you online version of the in-game Legacy Achievements system with full functionality. The Legacy System has expanded to include Legacy Achievements, which recognize important accomplishments and milestones across all characters in your Legacy.

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