Free to Play Launch Imminent

Maintenance of Star Wars: The Old Republic servers that will bring upon us the official launch of Patch 1.5 and the Free to Play option has begun a couple of hours ago. This marks the beginning of the new chapter in SWTOR’s existence and everyone is pretty excited about what future might bring. The new content patch brings several things to the table among which the biggest are the possibility to unlock a new HK-51 companion through a series of quests; new daily area called Section X; new world boss called Dreadtooth. Still, the biggest news is that players will be able to play the game without a subscription and that all players will be able to purchase various items and perks in the Cartel Market. We, here at SWTOR Spy, have been diligently working on updating the website with new information that will help you with 1.5 patch and F2P content. Here are the new things you can find on our website:

We will continue updating the website with new information in the coming days. Enjoy 1.5 and F2P and we’ll see you in a galaxy far, far away.

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