Patch 1.5 : HK-51 Activated

In preparation for the launch of Free to Play and 1.5 content patch that will go alongside the F2P conversion SWTOR developers released another Dev Dispatch video talking about what we can expect to find in the new patch. The patch will bring a new daily mission area called Section X, which will require group coordination to be completed fully. Section X also contains a new world bass called DreadTooth who will transform into a harder version each time you kill him (DreadTooth Corrupted, DreadTooth Frenzied and Dreadtooth Nightmarish). Another major thing happening in Section X is the start of the quest that will ultimately provide you with HK-51 companion. We have written an extensive Hk-51 Guide with screenshots that will help you obtain him once the patch goes live. The companion page also has all the other good info you expect from our companion database.

Going live with 1.5 is Free to Play, which means people will be able to create characters and level them to 50 without paying a subscription. There are several limitations for F2P players that can all be removed by starting a subscription or purchasing unlocks in the Cartel Shop.

Here’s the official scoop and dev dispatch video:

Watch as they discuss the dangerous missions that await you in the new Section X area on Belsavis. Discover how you can embark on a galaxy-spanning hunt for clues on how to unlock one of the most deadly Assassin Droids, the HK-51 Companion! Take a sneak peak at the final pieces of the Dread Guard gear set and see a rare new mount that your team can earn by taking on Operation: Explosive Conflict in Nightmare Mode!

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