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Violent Reprisals

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Commander Tritan has demanded that Colonel Vannis’s killers pay for his death. You have agreed to bring the heads of the Talz back to him as proof of the deed.

Go to the Talz camps around Frostbite Lake in the Icefall Plains and collect the heads of Talz stalkers, Talz pathfinders and Talz commandos.

  1. Collect Talz Ambusher Heads (0/12)
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    The ambushers are hidden and jump out at you when you attack a group of other Talz.
  2. Use the Holoterminal at the Forward Bunker
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key facts
Level: 38
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Hoth, Imperial, World
Planet: Hoth
Drop Monsters:
  • Talz Ambusher
Drop Items:
  • Talz Ambusher Head
Experience Points: +8270


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