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Victims of War

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Lieutenant Xorem wants the brilliant Doctor Jaen Kett rescued from the separatists in Mannett Point. You agreed to find the doctor so he can continue to aid the Republic effort.

Search Mannet Point for Doctor Kett.

  1. Find Doctor Jaen Kett
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  2. Return to Lieutenant Xorem
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Option :1 Chose to ask for help to rescue refugees

    Option :2 Chose to ask to extract Jaen Kett

      Ends at:

      Lieutenant Xorem

      key facts
      Level: 4
      Difficulty: Normal
      Category: Ord Mantell, World
      Planet: Ord Mantell
      Starting NPC: Lieutenant Xorem
      Ending NPC: Lieutenant Xorem
      Experience Points: +855
      Light Side Points: 100
      Dark Side Points: 100
      Items: HTML :


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