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Tyranny Triumphant

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You discovered that Darth Jadus, a man the Empire believed dead, is the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks and the Eradicator orbital weapons. Upon hearing his offer, you decided to join forces with him.

Now Darth Jadus is ready to reclaim his seat on the Dark Council. His successor and daughter, Darth Zhorrid, must be eliminated. Return to Dromund Kaas and confront Darth Zhorrid in her chambers in the Citadel.

  1. Speak to Darth Zhorrid
    ( More …)
  2. Defeat Darth Zhorrid
    ( More …)
  3. Use Your Personal Holocom
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key facts
Level: 32
Difficulty: Normal
Category: Imperial Agent, Imperial, Open World, World
Experience Points: +6760
Light Side Points: 50


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