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Trial of the Shadow Killer

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Khem Val is convinced that the remains of Tulak Hord have been stolen. He has been having visions of a thief taking the remains to storehouse on Hoth and wishes to retrieve them.
Go to Hoth and recover Tulak Hord’s remains.

Starting at:

Khem Val

  1. Go to Hoth
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  2. Enter the Storehouse
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  3. Investigate the Holoterminal
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  4. Check the Storeshouse’s Computer
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Option :1 Destroy the Bones

    Option :2 Did Not Destroy the Bones

      key facts
      Level: 37
      Min Level: 34
      Difficulty: Normal
      Category: Sith Inquisitor, Companion, Imperial, Khem Val
      Starting NPC: Khem Val
      Experience Points: +8020
      • Sith Sorcerer Companion Tracker
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