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You are helping Alderaan’s Lord Jorad Thul gain control of his lands. After helping to stop a guerilla insurgency, you discovered that Thul’s vassal, Lord Cedarik Killesa, is behind the insurgency. To make matters worse, Lord Killesa used the uprising to distract House Thul while an attack is launched on their castle from a secret access tunnel.

You have been asked to stop this threat by blowing up the tunnel. Retrieve the thermite explosives from the storeroom in Thul Palace.

  1. Retrieve the Thermite Explosives (0/1)
    ( More …)
  2. Plant Explosives on Key Supports
    ( More …)
  3. Confront Lord Cedarik Killesa
    ( More …)

Option :1 Choose to set off explosives

  1. Return to Lord Jorad Thul
    ( More…)

Option :2 Choose to duel Cedarik Killesa

  1. Defeat Lord Cedarik Killesa
    ( More…)
  2. Defeat Lord Cedarik Killesa’s Men
    ( )
  3. Speak to Lord Cedarik Killesa
    ( More…)
  4. Option :1 Choose to spare Cedarik Killesa
    1. Return to Lord Jorad Thul
      ( More…)
    Option :2 Choose to kill Cedarik Killesa
    1. Return to Lord Jorad Thul
      ( More…)
key facts
Level: 28
Min Level: 25
Difficulty: Hard
Category: Alderaan, Imperial, World
Planet: Alderaan
Starting NPC: Lord Jorad Thul
Drop Monsters:
    Drop Items:
    • Thermite Explosives
    Experience Points: +8071
    Light Side Points: 150
    Dark Side Points: 150
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